BIOphysics & SOFT Matter Department of Ultrafast Optics and Nanophotonics

Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg

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Setup description

We have developed a light scattering setup under shear that allows to perform static and dynamic measurements in the regime of wide angle scattering. This setup is devoted to the study of the structure and dynamics of concentrated colloidal suspensions and allows to access scattering vectors comprised between 20 and 30 µm-1. The apparatus moreover allows to orient the scattering vector relative to the shear. Thus, the scattering vector may be positioned in any plane that contains the gradient of velocity direction at an angle of ~25° relative to the gradient of velocity. The shear device consists of two plates. The lower plate is brought to rotation by a step motor. Illumination and detection of the scattered light are performed through the upper fixed plate through a hemispherical light of optical refractive index identical to the refractive index of the solution, in order to avoid refraction and parasite scattering by the interfaces.

Further Reading
D. Kushnir, N. Beyer, E. Bartsch, and P. Hébraud. Wide-angle static and dynamic light scattering under shear. Review of Scientific Instruments, 92, 02513, 2021