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GrangeWilfried10281202,1203, (Office), (+33)388107110 (Lab 120x)

Short CV

2015: Habilitation (Paris Diderot University Paris 7)

2014: Researcher at IPCMS

2009: Researcher at Institut Jacques Monod (Paris)

2009: Associate Professor of Biology (Paris 7)

2007: Postdoc at Trinity College Dublin (Group: M. Hegner)

2000: Postdoc at University of Basel (Group: M. Hegner)

1999: Ph.D. Condensed Matter Physics, Strasbourg-I University (Strasbourg, Advisor: M. Maret)

Research Interests



Biostatistics (Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals)

Enzymology (Lectures, Tutorials, Practicals)

Molecular Biology (Practicals)



[39] SRCD and FTIR Spectroscopies to Monitor Protein-Induced Nucleic Acid Remodeling
Wien, Frank.; Geinguenaud, F.; Grange, W.; Arluison, Véronique
In: Boudvillain M. (eds) RNA Remodeling Proteins. Methods in Molecular Biology 2209, 87-108, 2021

[38] Crucial Role of the C-Terminal Domain of Hfq Protein in Genomic Instability
Parekh, Virali. J.; Wien, Frank.; Grange, W.; De Long, Thomas A.; Arluison, Véronique; Sinden, R.R.
Microorganisms 8, 1598, 2020

[37] Holographic Traction Force Microscopy
Makarchuk, Stanislaw; Beyer, Nicolas; Gaiddon, Christian; Grange, Wilfried; Hébraud, Pascal
Scientific Reports 8, 3038, 2018

[36] The Escherichia Coli Hfq Protein: An Unattended DNA-Transactions Regulator
Cech, Grzegorz M.; Szalewska-Pałasz, Agnieszka; Kubiak, Krzysztof; Malabirade, Antoine; Grange, Wilfried; Arluison, Veronique; Węgrzyn, Grzegorz
Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences 3, 36, 2016

[35] Magnetic trapping of single molecules: principles, developments, and applications
Grange, W.; Strick, T. R.
Proc. SPIE 8810, Optical Trapping and Optical Micromanipulation X , 88101H, 2013

[34] Mfd as a central partner of transcription coupled repair
Monnet, Jordan; Grange, Wilfried; Strick, Terence R.; Joly, Nicolas
Transcription 4, 109-113, 2013

[33] Initiation of transcription-coupled repair characterized at single-molecule resolution
Howan, Kévin; Smith, Abigail J.; Westblade, Lars F.; Joly, Nicolas; Grange, Wilfried; Zorman, Sylvain; Darst, Seth A.; Savery, Nigel J.; Strick, Terence R.
Nature 490, 431-434, 2012

[32] Quantitative, Label-Free Detection of the Aggregation of α-Synuclein Using Microcantilever Arrays Operated in a Liquid Environment
Jensen, Jason; Farina, Margherita; Zuccheri, Giampaolo; Grange, Wilfried; Hegner, Martin
Journal of Sensors 2012, 1-7, 2012

[31] Fibre Optic Readout of Microcantilever Arrays for Fast Microorganism Growth Detection
Maloney, N.; Lukacs, G.; Nugaeva, N.; Grange, W.; Ramseyer, J. P.; Jensen, J.; Hegner, M.
Journal of Sensors 2012, 1-6, 2012

[30] Rapid and Reliable Calibration of Laser Beam Deflection System for Microcantilever-Based Sensor Setups
Mishra, Rohit; Grange, Wilfried; Hegner, Martin
Journal of Sensors 2012, 1-6, 2012

[29] Force measurements of the disruption of the nascent polypeptide chain from the ribosome by optical tweezers
Katranidis, Alexandros; Grange, Wilfried; Schlesinger, Ramona; Choli-Papadopoulou, Theodora; Brüggemann, Dorothea; Hegner, Martin; Büldt, Georg
FEBS Letters 585, 1859-1863, 2011

[28] Fast Quantitative Single-Molecule Detection at Ultralow Concentrations
Haas, Philippe; Then, Patrick; Wild, Andreas; Grange, Wilfried; Zorman, Sylvain; Hegner, Martin; Calame, Michel; Aebi, Ueli; Flammer, Josef; Hecht, Bert
Analytical Chemistry 82, 6299-6302, 2010

[27] Quantitative time-resolved measurement of membrane protein–ligand interactions using microcantilever array sensors
Braun, Thomas; Ghatkesar, Murali Krishna; Backmann, Natalija; Grange, Wilfried; Boulanger, Pascale; Letellier, Lucienne; Lang, Hans-Peter; Bietsch, Alex; Gerber, Christoph; Hegner, Martin
Nature Nanotechnology 4, 179-185, 2009

[26] Detection of Transient Events in the Presence of Background Noise
Grange, Wilfried; Haas, Philippe; Wild, Andreas; Lieb, Michael Andreas; Calame, Michel; Hegner, Martin; Hecht, Bert
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112, 7140-7144, 2008

[25] Interaction of cationic surfactants with DNA: a single-molecule study
Husale, S.; Grange, W.; Karle, M.; Burgi, S.; Hegner, M.
Nucleic Acids Research 36, 1443-1449, 2008

[24] VirE2: A Unique ssDNA-Compacting Molecular Machine
Grange, Wilfried; Duckely, Myriam; Husale, Sudhir; Jacob, Susan; Engel, Andreas; Hegner, Martin
PLoS Biology 6, e44, 2008

[23] Digital processing of multi-mode nano-mechanical cantilever data
Braun, T; Ghatkesar, M K; Barwich, V; Backmann, N; Huber, F; Grange, W; Nugaeva, N; Lang, H P; Ramseyer, J P; Gerber, Ch; Hegner, M
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 61, 341-345, 2007

[22] Analyzing Gene Expression Using Combined Nanomechanical Cantilever Sensors
Huber, François; Backmann, Natalija; Grange, Wilfried; Hegner, Martin; Gerber, Christoph; Lang, Hans Peter
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 61, 450-453, 2007

[21] An Artificial Nose Based on Microcantilever Array Sensors
Lang, H. P.; Ramseyer, J. P.; Grange, W.; Braun, T.; Schmid, D.; Hunziker, P.; Jung, C.; Hegner, M.; Gerber, C.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 61, 663, 2007

[20] Rapid and label-free nanomechanical detection of biomarker transcripts in human RNA
Zhang, J.; Lang, H. P.; Huber, F.; Bietsch, A.; Grange, W.; Certa, U.; Mckendry, R.; Güntherodt, H.-J.; Hegner, M.; Gerber, Ch.
Nature Nanotechnology 1, 214-220, 2006

[19] Measurement of Single Molecular Interactions by Dynamic Force Microscopy
Hegner, Martin; Grange, Wilfried; Bertoncini, Patricia
In: Braga P.C., Ricci D. (eds) Atomic Force Microscopy. Methods in Molecular Biology™ 242, 369-382, 2003

[18] Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy of Transition Metals: Recent Achievements in X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Grange, Wilfried; Kappler, Jean Paul; Maret, Mireille
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[17] Biological Single Molecule Applications and Advanced Biosensing
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[16] Section: DNA, Chromatin and Chromosomes; Mechanics and imaging of single DNA molecules
Hegner, M.; Grange, W.
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[15] DNA Mechanics Affected by Small DNA Interacting Ligands
Husale, Sudhir; Grange, Wilfried; Hegner, Martin
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[14] Temperature Dependence of Unbinding Forces between Complementary DNA Strands
Schumakovitch, Irina; Grange, Wilfried; Strunz, Torsten; Bertoncini, Patricia; Güntherodt, Hans-Joachim; Hegner, Martin
Biophysical Journal 82, 517-521, 2002

[13] Optical tweezers system measuring the change in light momentum flux
Grange, Wilfried; Husale, Sudhir; Güntherodt, Hans-Joachim; Hegner, Martin
Review of Scientific Instruments 73, 2308, 2002

[12] Molecular Recognition and Adhesion of Individual DNA Strands Studied by Dynamic Force Microscopy
Grange, Wilfried; Strunz, Torsten; Schumakovitch, Irina; Güntherodt, Hans-Joachim; Hegner, Martin
Single Molecules 2, 75-78, 2001

[11] Chemical long-range ordering in a CoPt alloy film grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Grange, W.; Ulhaq-Bouillet, C.; Maret, M.; Thibault, J.
Acta Materialia 49, 1439-1444, 2001

[10] Experimental and theoretical x-ray magnetic-circular-dichroism study of the magnetic properties of Co50Pt50 thin films
Grange, W.; Galanakis, I.; Alouani, M.; Maret, M.; Kappler, J.-P.; Rogalev, A.
Physical Review B 62, 1157-1166, 2000

[9] Magnetic anisotropy energy and the anisotropy of the orbital moment of Ni in Ni/Pt multilayers
Wilhelm, F.; Poulopoulos, P.; Srivastava, P.; Wende, H.; Farle, M.; Baberschke, K.; Angelakeris, M.; Flevaris, N.; Grange, W.; Kappler, J.-P.; Ghiringhelli, G.; Brookes, N. B.
Physical Review B 61, 8647-8650, 2000

[8] Evidence for a high-spin Fe phase in Fe/Pd(001) multilayers
Cros, V; Petroff, F; Vogel, J; Fontaine, A; Menéndez, J. L; Cebollada, A; Grange, W; Kappler, J. P; Finazzi, M; Brookes, N. B.
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 49, 807-813, 2000

[7] XMCD at the L 2,3 -edges of Pt in ordered T Pt 3 alloys ( T = Cr, Mn, Co)
Grange, W.; Kappler, J.; Maret, M.; Rogalev, A.; Goulon, J.
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 6, 679-681, 1999

[6] Magnetic circular dichroism in CeRh3B2
Grange, W.; Kappler, J.-P.; Dartyge, E.; Haen, P.; Lejay, P.; Rogalev, A.
Physica B: Condensed Matter 259-261, 1142-1143, 1999

[5] Magnetocrystalline anisotropy in (111) CoPt3 thin films probed by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism
Grange, W.; Maret, M.; Kappler, J.-P; Vogel, J.; Fontaine, A.; Petroff, F.; Krill, G.; Rogalev, A.; Goulon, J.; Finazzi, M.; Brookes, N. B.
Physical Review B 58, 6298-6304, 1998

[4] 5f-hybridization in URhAl studied by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
Grange, W.; Finazzi, M.; Kappler, J.-P.; Delobbe, A.; Krill, G.; Sainctavit, Ph.; Sanchez, J.-P.; Rogalev, A.; Goulon, J.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 275-277, 583-586, 1998

[3] Structural and Magnetic Properties of Co50 ± x Pt50 ± x Thin Films Prepared by Mbe Co-Evaporation on (001) MgO Substrate at Various Temperatures
Parasote, V.; Cadeville, M.-C.; Pierron-Bohnes, V.; Grange, W.
MRS Proceedings 517, 325-330, 1998

[2] Magnetocrystalline anisotropy in (111) CoPt[sub 3] thin film with growth-induced chemical anisotropy investigated by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism
Grange, W.; Kappler, J.-P.; Maret, M.; Vogel, J.; Fontaine, A.; Pétroff, F.; Krill, G.; Rogalev, A.; Goulon, J.; Finazzi, M.; Brookes, N. B.
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[1] Reorientational magnetic transition in mesoscopic cobalt dots
Hehn, M.; Ounadjela, K.; Ferré, R.; Grange, W.; Rousseaux, F.
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HABILITATION Des interactions protéines/ADN à la régulation de l'expression génétique. Apport des expériences sur molécules uniques. Paris Diderot University Paris 7 (Paris, France), 2015

Ph.D. THESIS Anisotropie magnétocristalline des films d'alliage Co{x}Pt{1-x} étudiée par dichroïsme magnétique circulaire. Advisor: M. Maret. Strasbourg-I University (Strasbourg, France), 1999