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Short CV

2015: CNRS Research Director (DR2) at IPCMS

2006: CNRS Researcher (CR1) at IPCMS

2005: Habilitation (Paris VI University)

2005: Biophysik Abteilung. Ulm Universität

1999: CNRS Researcher (CR1), ESPCI (Paris)

1998: Postdoc at UCSB (Santa Barbara, Group: D. Pine)

1998: Ph.D. Physics, Strasbourg-I University (Strasbourg, Advisor: F. Lequeux)

1995: DEA Physique Statistique et systèmes non-linéaires (MSc equivalent), ENS Lyon

1994: “Agrégation” Physics

1992: Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris)

Research Interests


Thermodynamics (L2 Physics: Lectures)

Colloids: stability, interactions, dynamics (M2 Physics: Lectures)

Introduction to Soft Matter (M1 SoMas: Lectures)


[67] Magnetic Control over the Fractal Dimension of Supramolecular Rod Networks
Marichez, V.; Sato, A. ; Dunne, P.; Leira-Iglesias, J. ; Formon, Georges J. M. ; Schicho, M.K.; de Feijter,I. ; Hébraud, P.; Bailleul, M. Besenius, P. ; Venkatesan, M. ; Coey, J. ; Meijer, E. W.; Hermans, T.
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143, 11914–11918, 2021

[66] Wide-angle static and dynamic light scattering under shear
Kushnir, Dmytro; Beyer, Nicolas; Bartsch, Eckhard and Hébraud, Pascal
Review of Scientific Instruments 92, 025113, 2021

[65] Jet instability of a shear-thickening concentrated suspension
Liard, Maxime; Sato, Akihiro; Sautel, Jérémy; Lootens, Didier and Hébraud, Pascal
European Physical Journal E 43, 69, 2020

[64] Polymer-free electrospinning of tannic acid and cross-linking in water for hybrid supramolecular nanofibres.
Allais, Manon; Mailley, Domitille; Hébraud, Pascal; Ihiawaskrim, Driss; Ball, Vincent; Meyer, Florent; Hébraud, Anne and Schlatter Guy
Nanoscale 10, 9164-9173, 2018

[63] Velocity of lateral drying fronts in film formation by drying of colloidal dispersions. A 2D simulation.
Nassar, Mohammad; Gromer, Alex; Thalmann, Fabrice; Hébraud, Pascal; Holl, Yves
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 511, 424-433, 2018

[62] Holographic Traction Force Microscopy
Makarchuk, Stanislaw; Beyer, Nicolas; Gaiddon, Christian; Grange, Wilfried; Hébraud, Pascal
Scientific Reports 8, 3038, 2018

[61] Horizontal drying fronts in films of colloidal dispersions: influence of hydrostatic pressure and collective diffusion
Nassar, Mohammad ; Gromer, Alex; Favier, Damien; Thalmann, Fabrice ; Hébraud, Pascal; Holl, Yves
Soft Matter 13, 9162-9173, 2017

[60] Unusual time dependent rheological behaviour of a concentrated suspension
Rothan, Alexandre; Muller, René; Hébraud, Pascal; Castro, Mickael; Bouquey, Michel ; Serra, Christophe
Applied Rheology 27, 64182, 2017

[59] Investigation on the pitting of potato starch granules during high frequency ultrasound treatment
Bai, Wenzhe; Hébraud, Pascal; Ashokkumar, Muthupandian; Hemar, Yacine
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 35, 547-555, 2017

[58] Simulation of Vertical Surfactant Distributions in Drying Latex Films
Gromer, A.; Thalmann, F.; Hébraud, P.; Holl, Y.
Langmuir 33, 561-572, 2017

[57] Geometrical instability in the imbibition of a sphere
Debacker, Alban; Lootens, Didier; Hébraud, Pascal
Soft Matter 12, 7759-7763, 2016

[56] Simulation of Latex Film Formation Using a Cell Model in Real Space: Vertical Drying
Gromer, A.; Nassar, M.; Thalmann, F.; Hébraud, P.; Holl, Y.
Langmuir 31, 10983-10994, 2015

[55] Flexibility of short ds-DNA intercalated by a dipyridophenazine ligand
Jia, Fuchao; Despax, Stéphane; Münch, Jean-Pierre; Hébraud, Pascal
Frontiers in Chemistry 3, 25, 2015

[54] Scaling laws for the flow of generalized Newtonian suspensions
Liard, Maxime; Martys, Nicos S.; George, William L.; Lootens, Didier; Hebraud, Pascal
Journal of Rheology 58, 1993-2015, 2014

[53] Imbibition Kinetics of Spherical Colloidal Aggregates
Debacker, A.; Makarchuk, S.; Lootens, D.; Hébraud, P.
Physical Review Letters 113, 028301, 2014

[52] Subcellular Localization and Transport Kinetics of Ruthenium Organometallic Anticancer Compounds in Living Cells: A Dose-Dependent Role for Amino Acid and Iron Transporters
Klajner, M.; Licona, C.; Fetzer, L.; Hebraud, P.; Mellitzer, G.; Pfeffer, M.; Harlepp, S.; Gaiddon, C.
Inorganic Chemistry 53, 5150-5158, 2014

[51] UV–vis absorption spectrum of a novel Ru(II) complex intercalated in DNA: [Ru(2,2′-bipy)(dppz)(2,2′-ArPy)]+
Chantzis, Agisilaos; Very, Thibaut; Despax, Stéphane; Issenhuth, Jean-Thomas; Boeglin, Alex; Hébraud, Pascal; Pfeffer, Michel; Monari, Antonio; Assfeld, Xavier
Journal of Molecular Modeling 20, 2082, 2014

[50] Complexation of DNA with ruthenium organometallic compounds: the high complexation ratio limit
Despax, Stéphane; Jia, Fuchao; Pfeffer, Michel; Hébraud, Pascal
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 16, 10491-10502, 2014

[49] Novel fluorescent silica nanoparticle probe for Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
Khalil, M.; Hébraud, P.; Hamieh, T.
Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 4, 721-729, 2014

[48] Restricted diffusion of small probe particles in a laponite dispersion
Klajner, P.; Kaloun, S.; Münch, J.-P.; Hébraud, P.
Physical Review E 88, 032308, 2013

[47] Viscoelastic Properties of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogels Having Permanent and Transient Cross-Links Studied by Microrheology, Classical Rheometry, and Dynamic Light Scattering
Narita, Tetsuharu; Mayumi, Koichi; Ducouret, Guylaine; Hébraud, Pascal
Macromolecules 46, 4174-4183, 2013

[46] Induction of caspase 8 and reactive oxygen species by ruthenium-derived anticancer compounds with improved water solubility and cytotoxicity
Vidimar, Vania; Meng, Xiangjun; Klajner, Marcelina; Licona, Cynthia; Fetzer, Ludivine; Harlepp, Sébastien; Hébraud, Pascal; Sidhoum, Marjorie; Sirlin, Claude; Loeffler, Jean-Philippe; Mellitzer, Georg; Sava, Gianni; Pfeffer, Michel; Gaiddon, Christian
Biochemical Pharmacology 84, 1428-1436, 2012

[45] Dispersion and morphology of polypropylene nanocomposites: Characterization based on a compact and flexible optical sensor
Matadi Boumbimba, R.; Bouquey, M.; Muller, R.; Jourdainne, L.; Triki, B.; Hébraud, P.; Pfeiffer, P.
Polymer Testing 31, 800-809, 2012

[44] Quantification of high-power ultrasound induced damage on potato starch granules using light microscopy
Zuo, Yue Yue J.; Hébraud, Pascal; Hemar, Yacine; Ashokkumar, Muthupandian
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 19, 421-426, 2012

[43] Compact and flexible optical sensor designed for on-line monitoring
Jourdainne, Laurent; Matadi Boumbimba, Rodrigue; Triki, Badi; Bouquey, Michel; Muller, René; Hébraud, Pascal; Pfeiffer, Pierre
International Journal of Material Forming 5, 1-9, 2012

[42] Stress propagation in a concentrated colloidal suspension under shear
Martys, N. S.; Khalil, M.; George, W. L.; Lootens, D.; Hébraud, P.
The European Physical Journal E 35, , 2012

[41] Spectral properties of polypyridyl ruthenium complexes intercalated in DNA: theoretical insights into the surrounding effects of [Ru(dppz)(bpy)2]2+
Very, Thibaut; Despax, Stéphane; Hébraud, Pascal; Monari, Antonio; Assfeld, Xavier
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14, 12496, 2012

[40] Building of a thermoresponsive cement
Noël, Marie-Hélène; van Damme, Henri; Hébraud, Pascal
Cement and Concrete Research 41, 975-980, 2011

[39] Pluronic and β-cyclodextrin in water: from swollen micelles to self-assembled crystalline platelets
Perry, Christophe; Hébraud, Pascal; Gernigon, Véronique; Brochon, Cyril; Lapp, Alain; Lindner, Peter; Schlatter, Guy
Soft Matter 7, 3502, 2011

[38] DNA Binding to an Anticancer Organo-Ruthenium Complex
Klajner, Marcelina; Hebraud, Pascal; Sirlin, Claude; Gaiddon, Christian; Harlepp, Sebastien
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, 14041-14047, 2010

[37] Physical Gels Based on Polyrotaxanes: Kinetics of the Gelation, and Relative Contributions of α-Cyclodextrin and Poly(ethylene oxide) to the Gel Cohesion
Travelet, Christophe; Schlatter, Guy; Hébraud, Pascal; Brochon, Cyril; Anokhin, Denis V.; Ivanov, Dimitri A.; Hadziioannou, Georges
Macromolecular Symposia 291-292, 202-211, 2010

[36] Temperature-Dependent Structure of α-CD/PEO-Based Polyrotaxanes in Concentrated Solution in DMSO: Kinetics and Multiblock Copolymer Behavior
Travelet, Christophe; Hébraud, Pascal; Perry, Christophe; Brochon, Cyril; Hadziioannou, Georges; Lapp, Alain; Schlatter, Guy
Macromolecules 43, 1915-1921, 2010

[35] Design and realization of a high-stability optical tweezer
Drobczynsk, Slawomir; Hébraud, Pascal; Munch, Jean-Pierre; Harlepp, Sébastien
Optical Engineering 48, 113601, 2009

[34] Normal and tangential stress fluctuations during jamming
Hébraud, Pascal
Rheologica Acta 48, 845-853, 2009

[33] Contact and stress anisotropies in start-up flow of colloidal suspensions
Martys, Nicos S.; Lootens, Didier; George, William; Hébraud, Pascal
Physical Review E 80, 031401, 2009

[32] Formation and Self-Organization Kinetics of α-CD/PEO-Based Pseudo-Polyrotaxanes in Water. A Specific Behavior at 30 °C
Travelet, Christophe; Schlatter, Guy; Hébraud, Pascal; Brochon, Cyril; Lapp, Alain; Hadziioannou, Georges
Langmuir 25, 8723-8734, 2009

[31] A Ruthenium-Containing Organometallic Compound Reduces Tumor Growth through Induction of the Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress Gene CHOP
Meng, X.; Leyva, M. L.; Jenny, M.; Gross, I.; Benosman, S.; Fricker, B.; Harlepp, S.; Hebraud, P.; Boos, A.; Wlosik, P.; Bischoff, P.; Sirlin, C.; Pfeffer, M.; Loeffler, J.-P.; Gaiddon, C.
Cancer Research 69, 5458-5466, 2009

[30] The" Dog Tail Test": A Quick and Dirty Measure of Yield Stress. Application to Polyurethane Adhesives.
Lootens, Didier; Jousset, Pierre; Dagallier, Camille; Hebraud, Pascal; Flatt, RJ
Applied Rheology 19, 13726, 2009

[29] Multiblock copolymer behaviour of α-CD/PEO-based polyrotaxanes: towards nano-cylinder self-organization of α-CDs
Travelet, Christophe; Schlatter, Guy; Hébraud, Pascal; Brochon, Cyril; Lapp, Alain; Anokhin, Denis V.; Ivanov, Dimitri A.; Gaillard, Cédric; Hadziioannou, Georges
Soft Matter 4, 1855, 2008

[28] Relaxation of jammed colloidal suspensions after shear cessation
Ianni, Francesca; Lasne, David; Sarcia, Régis; Hébraud, Pascal
Physical Review E 74, 011401, 2006

[27] Micro-rheological investigation of dextran solutions using diffusing wave spectroscopy
Pinder, D.N.; Swanson, A.J.; Hebraud, P.; Hemar, Y.
Food Hydrocolloids 20, 240-244, 2006

[26] Dilatant Flow of Concentrated Suspensions of Rough Particles
Lootens, Didier; van Damme, Henri; Hémar, Yacine; Hébraud, Pascal
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[25] Magnetic Force Probe for Nanoscale Biomolecules
Koenig, A.; Hébraud, P.; Gosse, C.; Dreyfus, R.; Baudry, J.; Bertrand, E.; Bibette, J.
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[24] Crackling of a coagulating suspension
Sarcia, Régis; Hébraud, Pascal
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Kaloun, Soulaimane; Skouri, Mohammed; Knaebel, Alexandra; Münch, Jean-Pierre; Hébraud, Pascal
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Narita, T.; Hébraud, P.; Lequeux, F.
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Kaloun, S.; Bellour, M.; Hébraud, P.; Munch, J.-P.; Skouri, M.
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[19] Sur le rôle ambigu de la lubrification dans la rhéologie des pâtes granulaires
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Michaut, Fanny; Hébraud, Pascal; Perrin, Patrick
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HABILITATION Dynamique de suspensions concentrées. Quelques expériences. Paris VI University (Paris, France), 2005

Ph.D. THESIS Propriétés mécaniques des systèmes vitreux. L'exemple des émulsions concentrées. Adivsor: F. Lequeux. Strasbourg-I University (Strasbourg, France), 1998