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ThermoFisher has a PCR Calculator, which is basic. This just calculates ~ [1-l x numcycles x u] (l, fragment length; u, error rate), which is nothing else than the probality for a molecule of length l x numcycles to have no errors. Thus, it assumes 100% efficiency and ignores that some molecules are not replicated and contribute to the overall number of molecules without errors.
Here, I use a more rigourous approach (a good article can be found here ). Just enter the parameters below and submit the code (using the Opencpu cloud server; this might takes a few seconds to get the result). Also notice that the calculations are made for 1E3 molecules only.





Adapted from Potapov V, Ong JL PLOS ONE 2017
Enzyme Error Rate Fidelity rel. Taq
Taq 1.5E-4 1
Q5 5.3E-7 280
Phusion 3.9E-6 39
Deep Vent 4.0E-6 44
Pfu 5.1E-6 30
PrimeSTAR 8.4E-6 18
KOD 1.2E-5 12
Kapa HIFI 1.6E-5 9.4
DV Exo- 5.0E-4 0.3