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Institut de Physique et Chimie des Matériaux de Strasbourg

Lab Seminars and Journal Clubs are open to everyone; every 2nd week (Friday, room 70 or 74)

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[From 2014 onwards]
2018-04-20Ryndia Kateryna & Shpiruk AnastasiiaProgress Report14:00
2018-04-03Hébraud PascalRheology, memory effects13:30
2018-03-23Baummann ArthurRecent experiments (FLOB)14:00
2017-10-08Baumann ArthurHyper-drive14:00
2017-09-25Joly NicolasHow a mechano-enzyme is using ATP to sever microtubules? - the Katanin example14:00
2017-09-05Aubertin KellyMechanical and optical properties of biological systems11:00
2017-07-21Hébraud PascalDe Gennes narrowing (rescheduled)14:00
2017-06-29Kulic IgorThe (a)symmetry principle of active motion11:00
2017-06-16Baumann ArthurDNA "hyper-drive"13:30
2017-06-02Paul Ankon and Schröder AndréBiosoft/MCube joint seminar. Magnetic Tweezers (PA) and Hydroperoxidized membranes (SA)10:00
2017-05-12Paul AnkonMagnetic Tweezers: flow cells, force calibration and transcription13:30
2017-04-28Drenckhan-Andreatta WiebkeQuick overview of past and current research13:30
2017-01-20Kushnir DmytroInterpretation of glassy colloidal suspension rheology data using Mode Coupling Theory13:45
2017-01-06Kulic IgorDNA "hyper-drive"13:45
2016-12-16Cech GrzegorzThe effect of Escherichia coli hfqgene deletion on DNA replication regulation13:45
2016-12-16Kloska AnnaFlavonoids as modulators of glycosaminoglycan synthesis14:45
2016-12-09Makarchuk StanislavPhD Defense: Measurement of cell adhesion forces by holographic microscopy14:00
2016-10-14Hébraud PascalJet instability of shear thickening suspensions13:30
2016-09-30Grange WilfriedLocalisation in microscopy13:00
2016-08-08Grange WilfriedStep detection in single-molecule trajectories13:30
2016-05-13David Danaé and Baumann ArthurJournal Club13:30
2016-04-01Makarchuk StanislavTFM. State of the art13:30
2016-02-23Frey Lisa and Mélignon AudreyOngoing work13:30
2016-02-04Hémar YacineEffects of low and high frequency (high power) ultrasound on two model food systems: milk and starch13:30
2016-01-22PhD StudentsJournal Club11:00
2016-01-08Gaiddon ChristianOverview of recent research13:30
2015-11-30PhD StudentsJournal Club13:30
2015-11-19Liard MaximePhD Defense: Suspensions concentrées : Systèmes non-Newtoniens et thixotropie sous écoulement14:15
2015-11-13Ziebert FalkoOverview of recent research13:30
2015-11-12Debacker AlbanPhD Defense: Imbibition et dispersion d’un agrégat sous écoulement14:00
2015-10-30Baumann ArthurJournal Club13:30
2015-10-09David DanaéSingle molecule force spectroscopy in live cells14:00
2015-09-25Makarchuk StanislavTraction Force Microscopy14:00
2015-09-11Węgrzyn GrzegorzEnterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli 14:30
2015-07-17Sautel JérémyJet Instabilities13:30
2015-06-16Thalmann FabriceDrying of latex films13:30
2015-06-05Kulic IgorConfotronics : Theory13:30
2015-05-22Lemaire Léa and Taberkani LamineOngoing work13:30
2015-04-10Hébraud PascalInstability of Imbibition Fronts13:30
2015-03-27Makarchuk Stanislav and Kim SamanthaOngoing work13:30
2015-03-13Schlatter GuyElectrospinning14:00
2015-02-13Hermans ThomasOngoing Projects13:30
2015-01-30Ferrand JérémyFree Falling Jets11:00
2015-01-16Toussaint RenaudGranular Materials13:30
2014-12-18Makarchuk StanislavTraction Force Microscope13:30
2014-12-05Narita TetsuharuMicrorheology of Polymer Gels and Suspensions13:30
2014-11-21Liard MaximeSoR Conference13:30
2014-11-07Kulic Igor Single Molecule Elastomotors13:30
2014-10-24Gromer Axel and Divry Véronique Drying of Colloidal Suspensions13:30
2014-10-10Grange WilfriedMagnetic Tweezers. Projects13:30
2014-09-26Debacker Alban Imbibition13:30
2014-09-19Liard MaximeNon-Newtonian Flows13:30
2014-09-12Sato AkihiroChiral Suspensions13:30